Week two of the Gracie Diet Challenge is in full effect! I hope everyone has found week one to be an eye opener? More energy? Less stress? Feel better during training? Nice! Below is another example of a days meals, hope you enjoy. Also remember to use the interactive link of acceptable food combinations, simply click on the ingredients you wish to use in your recipe and the guide will let you know if they combine chemically!

Breakfast: Starting the day out with an energy packed meal is a must!

Lunch: Some good nutrients are required to recover from the morning session. Toasted Tuna Sandwhich with a Spinach Side Salad (Baby Spinach, Almonds, Tossed with Olive Oil)

Dinner: Following a good afternoon nap I need a meal that will prepare me for evening sessions of jiujitsu. I have opted for a quick energy packed Pumpkin Protein Shake! Pumpkin, Dried Coconut, Handful of Pecans, Crushed Ice in a Blender!

Fourth Meal: With training done today I want to be sure to give my body everything it needs to recover during a full nights sleep: Fish (your choice), Steamed Broccoli, and a baked Sweet Potato with Hot Tea (black).