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Kids’ Self-Defense Classes

Scranton MMA is proud to offer self-defense classes for children combining techniques from beginner Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. We teach your child tactics to combat bullying with communication skills. Certified and highly trained instructors create an engaging, active, and positive environment that helps your child flourish.

In a time where bullying runs rampant in schools and childhood obesity is rising, kids are in need of a positive and healthy outlet to express aggression, learn coping skills, and be able to defend themselves if the time comes.

Kids come to our school and learn self-defense techniques through fun games, meaning they’re learning without even realizing it. Improve your child’s health without medication, therapy, or punishment by putting them in a position to learn humility, self-discipline, and respect- all while staying healthy!

Ways Mixed Martial Arts Can Benefit Your Child

  • Teaching them respect and discipline
  • Encouraging fitness and weight loss (if appropriate)
  • Improve grades at school
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Bullying prevention
  • Teaches manners
  • Teaches eye-contact
  • Provide an outlet for children with ADD & ADHD
  • Improve mind, body, and character development
  • Make new friends and become a part of a community
  • Learn ways to release aggression in a safe, nurturing, family-friendly environment
  • Breaks down complicated and more advanced MMA techniques into tactics that children can easily grasp.
  • Set your child up for long-term success with healthy lifelong character trait building
  • It’s fun!

Safety First

“Will my child get hurt?” is a reasonable question to ask as a parent when looking to enroll them in a contact activity. In short, the answer is no! Our instructors are dedicated to making sure your child is learning self-defense in a healthy environment that puts their safety first. Your child will learn at the pace that is most comfortable for them.

Will Martial Arts cause my child to get into fights?

No. Scranton MMA instructors as well as the root of all self-defense tactics teach that violence is never the answer to problems. Instead, healthy coping strategies & increased self-confidence teach children to combat bullies and stand up for themselves in safe ways and defend themselves if necessary.

How will Martial Arts help my child do better in school?

Through self-control, self-discipline, and increased self-esteem, children will have the confidence to believe in themselves and therefore excel in schoolwork. The increased awareness and focus help children prioritize their goals, so they can pay better attention to what matters most to them.

Kid’s self-defense classes near me

If you’re looking to enroll your child in self-defense or martial arts class, Scranton MMA is located in Dunmore, PA, near Scranton, and a convenient stop off of I-81. Fill out our contact form below for more information and to get their first class on us.

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