Yesterday we had another awesome kids class at Scranton MMA. The kids class is growing in size and we are very lucky to have such great kids on the mats, great families supporting these youngsters, Great instructors that are dedicated to training them and also we are very lucky to have such a huge facility to support this growing class.

Those are just some of the reasons why the kids class at Scranton MMA is great! The techniques we chose to teach the kids also help make it an awesome class.  We carefully chose each and every technique that we teach and show in the kids class.  We want to make sure our kids first and foremost know how to defend themselves in a safe and effective manner.  We do not want to our kids to rely on overpowering or hurting another kid we just want them to remain safe.

Also many of our kids compete in brazilian jiu jitsu as well or just enjoy the sport of brazilian jiu jitsu.  It is a great way to practice realistic self defense techniques and situations in a fun and safe way.  So we also want to show techniques that work well in BJJ.  We just taught our kids a great technique that is useful in both self defense situations and competition. We took a short video of our kids practicing the technique and just posted it up on our Scranton MMA youtube page.  You can watch it below by clicking play below.

So I think that this technique is great.  It is very effective, it is a simple technique that kids can learn very easily and start to put into practice right away but what I like most about this video is that the kids are really focused, they are paying attention to what makes the technique work and most importantly they are having fun while getting in their reps.