Scranton MMA’s Kids Program

With a  bullying epidemic  running rampant throughout our schools, and childhood obesity skyrocketing towards new levels each year, kids today  need a positive, healthy, outlet more than ever and Scranton MMA is proud to Provide just that.

In our Kids program, your son or daughter will :

  • Learn A proven system to stand up to bullies once and for all
  • Learn the exact same techniques our Gracie 101 and Judo students do but broken down to their level for the best understanding
  • Play tons of fun games all based around the techniques they’ve been taught so they are learning without ever realizing it!
  • Get lots of Great exercise
  • Gain unwavering self confidence
  • And Make a bunch of new Friends!

All in a safe, fun, family friendly Environment!

Scranton MMA proudly builds kids into champions on AND OFF the mats


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