Survival is the very foundation of martial arts and self defense training. It is important to realize because surviving is the reason Helio Gracie, founder of Brazilian jiu jitsu, created his unique brand of leverage based self defense in the first place! Helio, because of his frail stature, was forced to learn ways to survive against far larger and stronger opponents. Helio was aware that it took far less energy to stop an opponents advances than to escape an opponents hold. Helio’s mindset was simple, he may not win the fight but he would not die. He would survive! The product of Helio’s adaptations was astonishing. Through the focus of using leverage as a tool for survival Helio Gracie evolved jiu jitsu into an art that benefits every person regardless of age, gender, or size!

Here are some helpful survival tips to help you in your bjj training at Scranton MMA:

1. Always keep your elbows closed! An open elbow is a pathway to poor posture, upper body control, and arm locks.

2. Always prevent the cross face! If your opponent controls the direction of your head he controls the direction of your entire body.

3. Never be flat! A flat body is an immobile body.

4. Don’t push! Pushes as a defense tires you out, anchors you to the opponent, and limits your hip mobility.

5. Use your hips! Bridging and shrimping generate a tremendous amount of leverage, use this to survive.

Employing these survival techniques will make your bjj training more enjoyable because you will become harder to control, sweep, and submit!