The St. Patty’s Day Brawl – Scranton, PA results

Last night, professionals and amateurs fought on the same card at the Hilton conference center in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania.  There were many in attendance.  Though there were technical difficulties with the lighting, Northeast Boxing put on a very good show.  Almost every fight was evenly matched.  I will have video of three of the fights later on today.



120 pounds:  Josh Leonard vs. Wayne Hangans – winner:  Hangans by decision

Heavyweights:  Mohammad Blade vs. Daiqwon Buckley – winner:  Buckley TKO2

152 pounds:  Paul Fludd vs. Terrance Brown – winner:  Fludd TKO2

124 pounds:  Michael Murry vs. Vinny Scarantino – winner:  Murry TKO3

132 pounds:  Dawry Aquino vs. Rocky Marzan – winner:  Marzan by decision

162 pounds:  Ian Brofsky vs. Will Feliciano – winner:  Brofsky TKO2


Cruiserweights:  Brian Donahue vs. Lamont Capers – winner: Capers by decision

Cruiserweights:  Tracey Johnson vs. Rex Harris – winner:  Fight declared a draw

Junior Middleweights:  Tommy Ayers vs.  Stephon Burgette – winner:  Burgette TKO3

Junior Middleweights:  Ramiro Bueno Jr. vs. Robert Sockwell – winner:  Sockwell TKO1

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