There is no shortage of submission attacks from the bottom position. Typically a bjj practitioner will attack from bottom when in a guard position such as the closed guard, open guard or half guard position, but have you ever considered that you can also use submissions if you’re turtled under your opponent or even pinned in side mount!

Let’s take a moment to clarify what an attack is. Almost certainly you thought submission. You would of course be half right, however remember that sweeping an opponent is also an attack! Have you ever burned yourself out trying to finish a submission?  It happens to everyone; especially fom the bottom! Now consider if during that submission attempt there had been an opportunity to sweep.

Case: You see a submission opportunity and lock in your grips, try as you might your opponent just won’t tap. You strain and struggle and strain some more, trying to finish the submission, but you just can’t get it.  Before long you are exhausted, your arms turn to useless mush and your fingers have zero feeling in them. Now you are still on bottom and you are exhausted. Guess what happens next!

Instead of ending up tapping learn to cut your losses; abandon the submission and convert the attack into a sweep!

Often times you can use the leverage generated by your submission attempt to sweep your opponent from the top to the bottom. Other times you can trick your opponent by letting him roll out and  “escape” his way into an inferior position with regards to positional heirarchy.  Anticipate his frantic rolling as a result of the submission attempt and follow him through the roll to cement your top position. Many times using the submission as a ‘sweep persuader’ you end up on top with the submission still in place and simply finish the opponent from there!

Let’s take a look at one example of a submission attempt from the bottom that can be used as a sweep to the top!

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