Let’s get this outta the way. Obviously, the most glaring answer to the title of this blog is self-defense. If you have ever googled the terms “Jiu-jitsu” or more specifically “Gracie jiu-jitsu” you know that it is a self defense system that is predicated on helping a smaller, weaker, opponent overcome a much larger, stronger opponent or attacker so essentially jiu-jitsu is tailor made for a woman who finds herself in a situation where she is being attacked by a man and needs to protect herself. Of course this benefit is absolutely paramount when it comes to training for women. However, there are also extra added benefits for a woman to begin her lifelong journey on the mats.

Women who train jiu-jitsu also develop a higher sense of confidence not just in a self defense situations but in everyday situations as well.  Through drilling, and sparring jiu-jitsu teaches that you might get put in difficult or uncomfortable situations but with the proper work you can find a way out. This is very empowering.

Jiu-jitsu can also be a great stress relief, between either working a job, running a home, being a mom, going to school or any combination of the above, women face a tremendous amount of stress on a daily basis and jiu-jitsu can be a fun, different, and challenging activity to help a woman relieve her stress.

However, perhaps one of the biggest overlooked benefits of women training jiu-jitsu is the community. Jiu-jitsu in general is a giant community, however, a smaller tighter community is women of jiu-jitsu. Jiu-jitsu ladies from all over the world support each other through traveling, attending  seminars, supporting each other on social media and really being a sounding board for whatever issues they may be facing.

Ladies, if you’re tired of the same old gym, the same old work out, and are looking for something new, fun and challenging, where you can make a ton of great new friends, why not give jiu-jitsu a try?