Why Should I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

That is a question that Each and everyone of our students asked and answered. And even though every student has their own unique answer there are definitely some common themes that come up if you ask someone why they train BJJ.

Get in shape / Lose Weight

This is definitely the most common reason people start training.  BJJ is a great way to lose some weight and get in shape.  The classes will burn a ton of calories and they are a great mix of aerobic exercise and anaerobic conditioning.  You will get strong, you will get more flexible, you will lose weight and you will definitely have fun!

Needed a New Hobby

Even though training is my favorite hobby at first I was surprised when so many people gave this as a reason why they started training in bjj.  With the popularity of Netflix, social media, online gaming, etc people are looking for a great way to spend their time where they will meet new people, have fun and even get in shape.  When you start training you will learn a lot of cool new moves, submissions, tips and tricks that is a great thing to experience day in and day out.

Learn Self Defense

Now almost everyone will say this as their like 2nd or 3rd reason for getting into bjj.  Its like a great added bonus to bjj for most people even though it is the number one reason for others.  You can come to bjj classes with the single goal of learning how to defend yourself and if that is why you train you will love it.  BJJ will teach you how to defend yourself and it is the single best overall self defense system out there.  It is safe to practice and unbelievably effective.  You will learn how to avoid getting punched or hurt if you ever find yourself in a self defense situation and you will learn plenty of options to end the situation that leave you nice and safe.