Every new student wants to know, “How do I earn a bjj blue belt here at Scranton MMA?” The answer to that question begins with first recognizing what a blue belt student is. A blue belt student is the student that is focused on the here and now, the immediate results. The techniques they have learned in brazilian jiu jitsu are not yet fully ingrained in the muscle memory and the student still does not have a complete understanding of when they need to use a certain technique. This is the primary reason a blue belt makes mistakes. The blue belt is the student that will find himself mounted and without any regard of defense for the neck or arm begin an upa or series of upas to escape only to find they are worse off than when they started the escape! While this can be frustrating the blue belt student is having a lot of fun because they see the improvements they have made since the white belt but they are still learning as they fall prey to the higher ranks. So returning to the question at hand, “How do I earn a bjj blue belt here at Scranton MMA” The very simple answer is to do work. A student with the desire to earn a blue belt must quite simply train, put in the hours on the mats and a blue belt you will earn. A blue belt student is expected to understand the theory of positional hierarchy and have the street essentials and foundations curriculums completed and be able to execute them at a certain level. The formula is simple! See you on the mats!