Tonight at Scranton MMA the brand new women’s self defense program Untouchable! launched. Fifteen amazing women from NEPA took to the mats tonight to experience their first thrilling steps into the world of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Tonight the collected women participated in the first lesson of a comprehensive program based on proven verbal, physical, and psychological defense strategies tested and proven effective over nearly two decades.

Tonight we addressed the Untouchable! women as to the programs objectives, how to train women’s self defense, and introduced the theory of a four-phase strategy to thwarting a sexual assault. Also in the first lesson the students learned about base and posture as a first line of defense against a sexual predator’s attack, how to break away from a wrist grab, and how to counter and escape an assailant attacking a woman from behind with a choke.

We want to thank all of the woman that came out to opening night! We are excited to have you aboard and can not wait to see your progress ten weeks from now!