Ok this weekend we are going to be holding a very special self defense seminar at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts.  However we want to be very honest and let you know that this seminar might not be for everyone.  This will not be your run of the mill self defense seminar.  It will not be a seminar where we just go over a few moves and leave feeling like we can take on the world…. no … no… no.. This seminar truly will be different!

The Seminar will be taught by former navy seal Christopher Mark Heben!  Chris has an awesome resume and really it would be easy to write a book about his history, all of his training and missions but instead I will just touch upon a few of the main points.  First I just want to talk about the seminar a bit. Chris wants to share with YOU some real world situations and examples to help prepare you for true combat and self defense.  He wants to touch on all of the mental aspects that will help ensure that you are successful if you ever really need to defend your life or someone you love.  He will talk about all of his training both mentally and physically especially all of the training he went through as a navy seal that helped him save his life numerous times.

He wants to talk about diet, nutrition even supplements.  He wants to talk about how to stay mentally strong when it counts most. He wants to help you understand some of the best targets you should strike or attack when you absolutely must defend yourself.  He will also talk about how to overcome adversity, facing your fears, leadership and even goal setting and how all of these topics relate back to self defense.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with someone like Chris and we hope to see you on the mats for this great seminar.  Here are the details and for more info please visit our facebook event page here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1451413835114098/

When: July 19th
First seminar is 10am-Noon.
2nd Seminar is 2pm -4pm

Where: Scranton MMA
1000 Dunham Dr
Dunmore Pa 18512

Cost: $60 Per Session

Please Confirm Attendance ASAP By Calling 1-800-748-9910