The purple belt at Scranton MMA is the student who has completed the Street Essentials and the Foundations courses a number of times through and has spent time teaching both curriculums to the lower ranks. The purple belt at Scranton MMA has also spent a great deal of time on the mats in the advanced Gracie Jiu Jitsu course and now possesses most of the technical knowledge he will need to earn a black belt. The purple belt student has become intimate with the theory of positional hierarchy and is now beginning to understand the greater strategy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu: he is almost always thinking a couple moves ahead. The purple belt has a superior execution of technique than his blue belt counterpart but not close to the refinement of the brown or black belts that continue to groom him.

The purple belt is a great level! The purple belt now enjoys the status of the advanced belts but is free from the pressure of expected perfection placed on the black belt. However, the Scranton MMA purple belt is not without its considerations! In fact much is expected of the purple belt student. This is a stage where he must begin to spend countless hours to refine his defense and hone his offense in order to develop his own style and flare all while exhibiting the qualities of being a leader within the academy in order to groom the lower ranks as he was once groomed! This is a heavy responsibility in deed but is a burden that can be easily managed by remembering one simple rule:

Have fun!