Basics win fights. With that mantra in mind let’s discuss one of the most fundamental bjj submissions: the armlock from mount (ending with you and your opponent having your backs on the floor and bellies to the sky).

Learning and drilling fundamentals are essential for the beginner. It is impossible to spend too much time on the basics! Even the advanced practitioner knows it helps to review and drill basic techniques; not only does this ensure that you don’t make rookie mistakes during the fight, but it helps you when it comes to teaching others. What are some of the key points when you are finishing a belly-up armbar? Here are a few critical tips:

1 – Hips close to his shoulder. You don’t want your hips to be so far away from his body that your opponent can easily escape his elbow down to the floor.

2 – Knees pinching the arm. A tight pinching reduces the strength and mobility of his arm limiting escape options.

3 – Thumb pointing to the ceiling. This ensures that the alignment of his elbow is correct and you won’t be wasting energy bending his arm the wrong way.

Following these 3 guidelines will help ensure the correct application of the armlock and subsequently earn you the tap. There are of course are many variations of the armlock and in most cases these rules will apply (there are always exceptions to rules). Learn them , drill them, perfect them! Want to learn a few more armlock tricks? Check out our platinum member area for exclusive instructional videos!