Repetition in your training within the academy is a primary reason for real progress when learning new techniques and strategies. Putting yourself in the same position over and over again gives you the repetitiveness necessary in developing concrete skill.  When you continue to have recurrence on the mat, you will deeply understand the finer points of the technique and then begin to develop transitions, variations, and combinations that supercharge your game!

A problem often seen at any academy is the lack of consistent training by a student ~ even experienced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students can fall into this snare.* This trap is multilayered. It can be practicing a technique on one day and then not returning to the academy for another week. It could be repping the move 5 or 10 times and then saying “I’ve got it”. It could be practicing the move one day and the very next day discounting it and moving on to another technique. Let’s be clear… Every training session matters! It is your responsibly to come the academy with the plan of working on your technique. There must be repetition in your training or the movements will never become second nature.


*Don’t become bored as an experienced practitioner when you instructor is showing a technique you have “seen before”.  Even if think you “know it”, this is your opportunity for you to explore variations, new setups, develop transitions off of, and most importantly have the recurrence needed to develop your timing and execution of the technique!