The Black Belt is the practitioner that has learned everything that there is to know regarding Gracie Jiu Jitsu! …In theory. In truth, the Black Belt at Scranton MMA is just beginning the next new and exciting phase training.

 The Black Belt is obtained once an individual has obtained complete understanding of the art and has mastered the original self defense techniques perfected and set forth by Grandmaster Helio Gracie. The Black Belt has an intimate understanding of positional hierarchy and leverage principles and exhibits fluidity and certainty in all of his decisions during a match or sparring session. His recognition and execution of technique is faster and more precise than any other belt. The Black Belt deeply understands the art, the strategies, and the nuances and is capable of explaining the technique to a lower rank. The Black Belt at Scranton MMA is a person that exhibits loyalty and honor and strives to better his local community as well as the larger  jiu jitsu community.

 The Black Belt is a leader and a studious individual who not only continually improves upon his technique but truly makes an effort to see beneath the surface to discover the finest details and nuances that improve the effectiveness of each technique. At the level of Black Belt the game becomes more cerebral and spirtual.

The journey that got you here was paved with dangerous detours and challenges and you passed them all!