The month of July saw record temperatures and record enrollment in classes at Scranton MMA! Classes in bjj, judo, boxing, muay thai, and CrossFit were in full swing with students training hard in preparation for a variety of competitions. However, at the month’s end the coaches at Scranton MMA saw one student stand out among the others. That student and winner of the Student of the Month for July is Kevin Roginski!

“Big” Kev is a 40 year old truck driver and Scranton native son that trains everyday on the mats to hone his skills in Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo. Training for over a decade Kevin currently holds the rank of purple belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and green belt in Judo. He also has a solid background in wrestling from the program at West Side High. On the mats Kevin is among the first to greet new people and help them through the often intimidating first few weeks of their training. Kevin is also the founder of Fat Guy BJJ  or FGBJJ for short. FGBJJ is a club within the club of heavyweight competitors that Kevin has taken under his wing to mentor in the ways of heavyweight competition. Qualifications for this club? You must weigh 225 and up or be busting out of an A4! A very elite group they are privy to all Kev’s favored techniques including the dreaded clock choke!

When not on the mats this mentorship extends into the community as well. Kevin is an active member within the community and the church, mentoring children, women, and men in living clean, healthy, Christian lifestyles. He enjoys being involved in community causes along with his wife Sharon, who supports his efforts in and out of the academy.

When asked about his training at Scranton MMA Kevin is quick to point out that while he loves Gracie Jiu Jitsu it is the people at the academy that bring him to train every day. The sense of family that the instructors create is what drives him to want to be better each day.

Congratulations to Kevin on being July’s student of the month and in appreciation for all your efforts you have won a free private lesson with the instructor of your choice!