Many martial artists make the mistake of participating in an ineffective program or worse no program at all! The question often posed is “what makes the perfect training program for martial arts”? The answer is a program that is challenging, enjoyable, consistent, and based on science. Do not be fooled into following the classic infomercial sell of “the revolutionary new program with the secret to fitness!” Below are some general and easy to follow tips to help you construct a regimine for results:

Be patient! Results from any weight training program will take time; just like improving your fighting skill set and anything else worthwhile!

Don’t over train! Training sessions that are too long or too frequent can be counter-productive and lead to injuries. Training hard is important but be certain to schedule in time for rest. Think long-term about your results.

Set Goals! Keep track of your program in a journal and note improvement and goals accomplished. Doing this will increase your motivation and help maintain an efficient and consistent workout schedule. Start with small improvements over time like lifting heavier weight or doing more work in a given period of time.

Your mixed martial arts training comes first! Weight training will NOT help you with your fighting technique! It will not improve your uchi mata, nor your jab-cross combo, or the execution of your armlock from guard. The best way to improve a specific skill – like fighting- is to practice that specific skill. You need to show up for classes, do reps, participate in drills, and do live sparring. Weight-training will ONLY compliment your skill set by making you faster, stronger, and more durable!