This installment of Spotlight provides fundamental tips to maintaining the rear mount. Like most things in Brazilian
jiu jitsu it begins with the hips! Your hips should be square with and slightly above your opponent’s hips. Why? Most of the escapes your opponent will attempt will involve the twisting of his hips to create angles between his hips and yours thereby allowing him space to escape. The most fundamental part of maintaining rear mount, and therefore the component which you should focus a great deal of attention on, is continuously shift your body so that your hips stay in line with the opponent’s.

Next is the legs and the feet, often referred to as hooks. Your hooks should be neither too deep nor too shallow. If the back of your knees are resting on your opponent’s thighs or your feet have been grapevine into the back of your opponent’s knees then they are too deep. On the other hand if your feet are just touching the inside of your opponent’s inner thighs then they are too shallow. The key is having your hooks set just right so as NOT to limit your mobility while still allowing zero wiggle room for an opponent. Drilling and sparring will teach you the positioning and maneuvering to best maintain hooks control.

Next is hand and arm positioning. There are many variations of where to place your arms and the ways in which to grip your hands. The most fundamental (and the one you will use most) is often referred to as the harness. The harness starts with your right arm going underneath his right armpit and your left arm going over top of his left shoulder. Link your hands together by having your right hand grip your left wrist and pulling it in tight to your opponent’s chest. Your arms now form a big harness encircling the opponent’s head and one arm.

Finally your head position. Your head should always remain tight to your opponent’s – ear to ear. Using the above example of the harness your head is to the right side of the opponent’s head forcing him to stay close to your left arm which is ready to choke him if he given an opening.

The rear mount when properly executed is the most dominant position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, hence its placement at the top of the positional heirarchy -the cornerstone of BJJ strategy! The above concepts when drilled properly will tighten your game and make your rear mount something to be feared!