Every bjj guy knows that if you don’t break your opponent’s posture the likelihood of a submission is greatly decreased. Often times breaking posture is as simple as grabbing the lapel of the gi and yanking the opponent down to your chest. When it isn’t that simple however what can you do to break the posture and not burn yourself out? Below you will find two posture busting “tricks” to add to your guard game!

The Ab Crunch

As the name implies this trick involves an ab crunch – a motion of bringing you knees to your chest. Your opponent is in perfect posture inside your guard with his hands controlling your belt or pants. Rather than yanking hopelessly on the collar slip both of your hands in behind his respective elbows. As the opponent attempt to either stand or break open your guard simply flare open his elbows and do an ab crunch. Posture broken!

Shake n’ Bake

Your opponent is in your closed guard and manages to keep posture, plant his feet, and stand. Rather than open your guard right away keep your legs locked. Now reach up and grip each of the lapels with your hands.  Next violently shake and jerk to and fro like you are preparing some delicious fried chicken Shake n’ Bake style! Before you know it his head will be shaking like a bobblehead doll on route 81.  With this disruption of equilibrium he will be unable to maintain balance and drop back onto his knees with broken posture.

Try these techniques next sparring session and remember that in both tricks the movements are rapid, jerky, and sharp.