MMA is a physically and psychologically challenging sport! A fighter requires both upper and lower body strength as well as an extreme level of cardiovascular endurance. A fighter must withstand the punishment inflicted by an equally conditioned opponent and be capable of training his mind to be as hardened as his body.

Regardless of your prowess and physical condition a time will come inside the ring when you are tired! You will be hurt but still have to continue fighting for the win. There is no timeout in MMA; you must fight until the bell rings! You of course have the option to quit but a real fighter never will. Real fighters fight regardless of the circumstances facing then inside the ring.

Mental Toughness
The mind is a powerful! A fighter must learn to control it. Every fighter realizes the importance of running, dieting, and training hard in the gym. Why then are some fighters in amazing shape while others appear to have just rolled in off the barstool? The answer is found within the psyche of the fighter – the level of his mental discipline! It is easy to cheat on your diet! It is easy to skip your run! It is easy to not do that last round in the gym! It is hard to be a winner!

Effort In Translates
There will be days when you are tired; perhaps you stayed up late. There will be days you don’t feel like training; perhaps it is raining outside or it is sub 30 degrees. Regardless you must train! Don’t hit snooze. Put on extra layers of clothes. Wear a rain slicker. The decision must come from deep inside your mind – where the will resides – be better than you were yesterday, be better than your opponent!

Mentally you must be strong if you are to succeed in MMA. No one can make the decision for you to be great. The decision must be made at the individual level. Your trainers are the best in the area but none the less can still only be as good as the students they train – the Scranton MMA trainers can provide motivation and advice but ultimately the decision to rise above and win rests in the hands of you the fighter.

When you decide you want to step inside the ring your mind must take over. You must begin to make MMA your sole purpose in life. You must eat, sleep, and breathe MMA. If you don’t, rest assured someone else is – maybe your opponent. This is not a sport you play. This is a sport where you can get hurt. It is a sport for warriors; those who are strong both mentally and physically. Those that will face fear and doubt and sneer; but not without dedicated training, sacrifice, and experience!