I won’t sugarcoat this. Training in the martial arts, just like any other art or sport, can be a very frustrating thing. How do I know? Two reasons : 1). I’ve been a white belt or a beginner before 2).I’ve been training for just about a decade and there is not a week that goes by that I am not frustrated with some aspect of my training
And here’s a secret….

It’s normal.

Everyone who has ever picked up a football wants to score a touchdown on their first play, everyone who has ever sat down at a piano wants to play like Beethoven on their first keystroke and everyone who has ever wanted to start a business wants to make a million dollars right out of the gate and when those things don’t happen, it’s easy to get frustrated but there is a way to fix it..i-dont-usually-take-baby-steps-but-when-i-do-theyre-giant-thumb

Appreciate the little “victories” or improvements you make in training. Now, this isn’t always the easiest of practices but it is great motivation to keep going. For example, If you’re rolling /sparring with someone a higher rank than you for four days straight and they catch you with the same armlock but then on the 5th day they don’t , that is a victory. If you normally could only do 3 minutes of drills or sparring in boxing muay thai, or MMA class and all of a sudden you do 4 or 5 minutes, that is a victory it’s something to hang your hat on and that’s why you keep coming back because pretty soon, these little improvements start to chain together and become huge gains
I know what you’re thinking “What if I honestly don’t see any improvements in my training?” that’s easy. Ask somebody else. You may not see improvements in your practice because you don’t know what you’re looking for but your instructors do and we are always here to help you along in your process and to see you succeed

In closing, sometimes the big picture is just that.. too big. Try not to look at every position, every technique, every round, focus on one aspect that you’re doing well and build from there. Training and learning Martial arts is a giant puzzle that we all are putting together one piece at a time.