Today I wanted to talk a bit about our Self Defense Program at Scranton MMA.  Our program focuses on self defense but has tremendous carry over for any other martial artists and has a great deal of benefits that will carry over into your daily life.  I also wanted to touch a bit on the difference between self defense and fights or combat.

At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we offer a great beginners self defense program.  Our program is designed to allow anyone to get on the path of learning how to defend yourself in a self defense situation.  The program is great for anyone new to martial arts.  It really does not matter if you are coming to Scranton MMA with the goal of being a professional mixed martial artist, a boxer, a competitive Judoka or just looking for a new hobby.  We want everyone at our academy to know what they should do in a self defense situation.

That is why we have our beginners self defense program at Scranton MMA.  The program is officially named Gracie 101.  The Gracie 101 program is named after the legendary Gracie family.  The Gracie family took the martial art of Judo in a new direction and instead of focusing on combat or fighting they decided to create an art that would specialize in self defense.

Some people might not think about it but there is a huge difference between self defense and fighting.  A fight or a combat situation is normally something where everyone agrees to the fight or wants to fight.  In many ‘fights’ everyone knows how to fight… or at least thinks they know how to fight.  Also in a fight the goal is to hurt the other participants or worse.

In a self defense situation the number one goal is getting home safe not hurting your opponent.  If your life is in danger the first thing you need to do is stay safe.  You are under no obligation to hurt the other person.  Also in a self defense situation it is not something that is agreed upon, scheduled, orchestrated and defined by rules in any way.  It is often when you least expect it.  You will need to go from zero to hero in the blink of an eye.  You will need to be prepared and confident.  You will need to be able to control your anger, aggression, fear and a ton of other emotions that will run through your brain.  You need to put aside any doubt and deal with the situation in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts our beginners self defense program, Gracie 101, is designed to prepare you for self defense.  We do not worry about the sport, we do not worry about rules, we do not worry about looking flashy we prioritize safety and effectiveness when attacked on the street.  We will prepare your mind and body quickly.  We will educate you on the most common situations that occur in a self defense situation and how to properly deal with them.  We will help get your body stronger and faster so you can more effectively deal with an attacker.  We will prepare your mind so that you can remain calm and make the right decisions.  We will put together a complete system and walk you through it step by step.