There are a number of motives why you may decide to embark on self-defense training. Perhaps you have been victimized by bullying, domestic abuse, or a physical altercation.  Perhaps you wish to transform yourself with physical conditioning and weight loss. Maybe you are looking for a constructive way to manage stress. These are all great reasons why our self-defense programs at Scranton MMA have maintained popularity for so many years. Whatever your reason, Scranton MMA has what you need! We offer many styles and philosophies relating to self-defense and can therefore accommodate anyone pursuing self-defense training! Let us help you choose a style that best benefits your goals, physical attributes, and the scenarios that you most likely will need to deal with.


Whatever your initial reason for beginning self defense training you will find the benefits cross-stitch with one another. A very common reason for people to seek self-defense training is fear of physical assault. Whether it’s bullying, sexual violence, or assault people want to feel safe. Self-defense classes are also great for physical conditioning, improving cardiovascular efficiency, and meeting and exceeding weight loss goals!


There are multiple martial arts styles that place an emphasis on striking as a means of self-defense. At Scranton MMA we offer two effective and fun programs; boxing and mma striking! Boxing uses the fists exclusively, and mma striking incorporates the kicks, knees, and elbows as weapons.


Scranton MMA offers other self-defense systems focus more on ground fighting and grappling techniques. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is a very effective style for fighting off a larger attacker and neutralize their offense. In jiu-jitsu,  bone-breaking joint locks or vice-like chokeholds are the order of the day! Judo and wrestling both use takedowns and throws as a means for managing an opponent and defending yourself against attacks.

Specialized Programs

There are other considerations to make as well at Scranton MMA! We offer many specialized programs as well such as, BullyShield for children, Untouchable for women, and Gracie LEO for police officers! In addition, we offer private lesson for you or a small group! When deciding on self-defense training the only destination you need is right here at Scranton MMA!