scranton pa bjj seminar 2

scranton pa bjj seminar 2

This weekend we hosted another FREE Scranton Pa BJJ Seminar at our Mixed martial arts facility.  This was a 100% free  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar taught by a few of the coaches at Scranton MMA.   Since we had so many instructors who were willing to donate their time and knowledge for free we were able to show a bunch of great BJJ moves to all of the students who showed up for the seminar.

Scranton Pa BJJ Seminar Highlights

Here are some of the moves that were shown during the seminar.  If you have any questions just ask us next time you are at the academy.

Sensei Dom showed us a very cool choke when someone is turtled up from the front attack position.  The choke involves you rolling them  over and getting a really deep grip which results in a very high percentage submission

Frank showed a very quick and sneaky straight ankle lock from side body.  This was really a great set up off of a very common situation.

Tom showed a very low risk high reward throw that can be used in BJJ competitions.

Jess showed a great triangle set up from a ‘fake’ bump sweep.  She had a few great details in her demo that will really make this technique effective.

Vito showed a great way to finish a straight arm bar if your opponent really has a good defense and a strong grip.

Matt showed his version of the north south choke starting from side body.  Again he had some great details which will help you get this move more often.

Steve Wilson Showed a great great great Triangle defense!  Again he talked about the important points of the defense which will allow you to stay safe when attacked.

Steve Peragallo showed an omoplata set up from side body where you trap the near arm and then end up stepping over to the far side.  Really cool looking technique that was really fun and very effective.

Sensei Dom then closed out the seminar with another great technique.  This time it was a leg lasso sweep.  Dom had a ton of great pointers for the position and the sweep.  This was another great move and it was a very cool way to end the seminar.


Scranton pa bjj seminar 1

Scranton pa bjj seminar 1

I know there were a lot of moves shown so dont worry if you dont remember all of them from start to finish with all of the details.  If you can just remember one move and start practicing it ad going for it from now on that is a great start.  We are going to work on getting some video up of the moves that were shown during the seminar.  If you are interested in seeing the moves on video PLEASE let us know and that will help motivate us to get them online asap!

Also here are a few pics from the seminar sorry I could not get everyone in the shot.  We really should have taken a group shot at the end!