Scranton MMA would like to congratulate Matt Leslie for his performance this weekend at the 2011 Pedro challenge.

Despite his young age, 8, Matt is a veteran competitor having already competed in many big tournaments. The Pedro challenge is consistently one of the biggest and toughest Judo tournaments in the country. The young Leslie was aware of the tournaments daunting pedigree and decided to challenge himself against some of the best judoka kids in the country. This competitive attitude is one of the reasons why Matt consistently makes great technichal progress at Scranton MMA. Matt is a great student with an infectious positive attitude. He practices both Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Judo and does CrossFit workouts as well.

Matt was able to reach the top of the podium once again with two decisive wins in his division. When you see Matt this week at the academy take a quick second to congratulate him on another great performance. Still hungering for competition Matt made the decision to step up and compete in a higher weight bracket where he battled valiantly against his larger opponents to secure a 4th place finish.

Scranton MMA would also like to commend Dave and Tara Leslie, Matt’s parents, for all the support they give to Matt. The Pedro Challenge was outside Boston, MA; a 5 plus hour drive for the family. Dave and Tara, along with Jake Leslie train at Scranton MMA as well.  We are very fortunate to have the Leslie family as part of our team at Scranton MMA.