At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we are often asked “How can I get better” or “What can I do to improve” or some variation of that training.  So with that in mind we are going to compile a few articles to share some of the most important tips we have shared over the years.  We are going to try to make sure that everyone who wants to improve quickly or as efficiently as possible can do so. If you have any specific questions please just let us know and we will make sure we address it in an upcoming article or video.

One common theme we always talk about to our students is that they need to get as much as they can from each and every training session.  There are only so many chances to train at Scranton MMA per month, week or day and you really need to try to get the most out of every class.  We are going to go into a bunch of different topics that will help you and some of those topics are:

  • Who should you work with or partner with during class?
  • What moves or techniques should you work on during class?
  • What should I eat before class?
  • How hard should I spar?
  • How much strength should I be using?

We will cover these topics and many more.  All with the goal of getting the most out of every class.  Some of the answers may surprise you but we will go into detail for you and we hope that you listen and agree or at least give it a shot and see how it works out.  The first topic we will talk about is hydration.  Now hydration might not jump to the top of your brain as an answer when someone asks how they can improve or get really good really quick but we want to bring that up now and get it out of the way.

Scranton MMA How To Stay Hydrated In NEPA

So it is mid July in North Eastern Pa and Scranton MMA can get a little warm at times :) So we want to make sure that everyone has some basic info on how to stay properly hydrated.  The first thing we want to discuss is the time it takes to hydrate.  A question we often hear is how long does it take to get hydrated?  And although there is some research that states if you are only MILDLY Dehydrated you can rehydrate by drinking 600 ml of water 45 mins prior to a workout. The best response is that you should start to rehydrate immediately after a workout and continue to drink water and hydrate up until the next class or workout.  You do not have to overdo it and you do not need to spend a ton of money on fancy supplements.  Water works.  Has for thousands of years.  You only need to drink clean water and your body will rehydrate.  The more you are dehydrated the longer it will take to recover.

Ideally you want to spend as little time dehydrated as possible.  We suggest you drink plenty of water after a workout it will be easier to recover after a tough workout if you are properly hydrated.  You will feel better and sleep better as well.

Stay Hydrated in NEPA

How To Stay Hydrated in NEPA

Please especially in the summer months pay a little extra attention to your hydration levels and try to come to class properly hydrated and then rehydrate as quickly as possible.  If you do Im sure you will notice that you will get more out of every class.  You will be able to train longer, go more rounds, get more reps in and you will improve more so than if you were dehydrated.

Again this is just a simple concept with a very simple solution but it is also something that is often overlooked.  Some people will spend big bucks on new gis, dvds, supplements but they will forget to drink water on a regular basis!  Please dont make this mistake!