With so many new members joining our academy recently we wanted to write a quick article for the new members and share some tips that will help you get started and make your first few weeks much easier.

Scranton MMA new student

New To Scranton MMA? Got a? Just ASK!

As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to anyone and we will make sure we take the time to help you out.  One easy way to reach us and get a quick answer is to write us on our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ScrantonMMA

The first thing we want to tell everyone who joined recently is that you need to realize that EVERYONE started as a white belt or as a new student at some time. None of the members you are training with or the instructors you are learning from were experts day one.

Everyone starts off in the same spot.  So please do not feel strange or weird for not knowing the moves or the terminology that we are discussing.  Just give it time and it will all fall into place.

The second tip would be to relax and have fun.  Obviously self defense and martial arts are real and serious issues. We do not want to take the topic lightly or brush it off but at the same time the academy should be a fun place and classes should be fun as well.  So enjoy it.  Have fun and relax.  You can do that while learning a great deal and still have a great workout.

Most people who are able to relax and have fun will actually progress at a much faster pace.  Go figure if you enjoy training you will show up more, pay attention more, try harder and become much more effective!

One last tip for today and that is to try to focus on the concepts or basic principles that you are being show.  Try to remember the concept or principle even more so then the specific move or technique you were shown.  As a beginner many of the techniques you will learn have parts or pieces that will repeat over and over again as you progress.

You want to get an understanding of what you are doing and why.  Focus on hip movement, hand placement, foot work, etc… If you are able to grasp that many moves and techniques share the same basic principles and movements you will be able to learn much faster and easier.  This may seem tough at first so even just trying to pay attention to this will help you out a great deal.