The month of October was a busy month for Scranton MMA members; daily training, seminars, special events, tournaments and through it all one member stood tall. The student of the month for october is JOE ROSSI!  Joe is one of the mavericks of the children’s program at Scranton MMA. Joseph began training 5 years ago at the age of 8 and quickly took to the jiu jitsu ways. Now at age 14 Joseph is a full time member og the adult program and recently earned his first stripe on his green belt. Joe had one of the highest class attendance rating for the month of October and spent equal time training in his self defense and sportive techniques. On and off the mat he smiles and is quick to help with welcoming new students into our family. Joe is a great example of what a Scranton MMA is all about .

Here are a few quick facts about Joe. Joe is a 14 year old native of Archbald, Pa and enjoys Gracie jiu jitsu, mma, and basketball. When asked about his experience at Scranton MMA he said, “What I love most about Scranton MMA is there is so much more than jiu jitsu!” Joe recently entered the UGC Tournament in Hamburg, PA as an adult. Despite being the youngest competitor in his division by far Joe fought his way to a well earned bronze medal. Congrats Joe!