The month of August was an interesting month; earthquakes and hurricanes dominated the area but neither could shake or dampen the training at Scranton MMA! The student base really kicked up the training at summer’s end and one student’s efforts stood out above the rest. This month’s choice for student of the month arrives every day at the gym early and leaves late, is quick to lend a hand to a newer student, and is efective in helping to build the Scranton MMA c. Congratulations, Gary Peters, on becoming Scranton MMA’s Student of the Month for August!

Gary is a Gracie Jiu Jitsu purple belt and amature mixed martial arts fighter. This 28 year old Pittston, PA native has been training for 5 years. Having played baseball prior to embarking on his mma training Gary has brought to the mats a great sense of athletism and now enjoys training and teaching all aspects of MMA and strength & conditioning. When asked about his involvement with Scranton MMA Gary commented, “I enjoy having access to all of my training needs under one roof. Scranton MMA is home to fantasic Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Judo and Muay Thai instructors.”

Outside of the training center Gary attends classes at Penn State University and works in the logistics field for Kraft Foods. Inside the gym Gary is consistantly work hard to improve his technique, particularly his favorite techniques the triangle and kimura. When asked about his motivation Gary noted, “I am looking to start off my pro MMA career in 2012, please continue to push me in training! I appreciate everyone’s support and dedication.”