Scranton MMA is busy getting ready for some big Judo events that will be hosted by or at Scranton MMA.  The first event will be a PA Judo inc sanctioned promotional tournament on July 17th 2011.  This is a specific type of tournament that allows competitive and non competitive students to test for their next rank in Judo.  Typically competitors will need to have earned sufficient tournament points to be eligible for testing.  Once that criteria is met they need to be able to demonstrate the necessary throws, chokes, pins and arm locks for their next rank.  They also need to be approved by their Sensei and by the head of the regional and state promotional board members.
The students will also enter into a kohaku shia at this event. Which is a special tournament format where the two lightest lowest rank students start the tournament and the winner of the first match stays on to compete against the next heavier more advanced student.  This ‘winner stays out’ format is a great format that really challenges the competitors will and technique. 

Many of our Judo students will be attending this event seeking promotion.  Scranton MMA will be sending both children and adults to this event as well as male and female students.  We will be sending some white belts for their first promotion, a lot of yellow belts seeking their green belts, a few brown belts who need their next brown belt and at least one student, Vito Picozzo, will be testing for his shodan. 

Vito is a very accomplished competitor who has won numerous tournaments at the state and regional level.  He was the first assistant Judo coach named at Scranton MMA and currently teaches at least two classes per week as well as teaching private lessons at the academy. Since his last promotion Vito has won over 20 matches in Judo which qualifies him for the right to test for his shodan. Please help Vito out in any way possible while he prepares for this test.  First Vito will have to demonstrate the 40 official throws in Judo. He will also need to demonstrate many chokes, arm bars and immobilization techniques as well as combination and counter techniques.  On top of all that he will also have to demonstrate the nage-no-kata.  The kata is a demonstration of 5 sets of three throws performed both righty and lefty.  The goal of the demonstration is to show that the student understands how all the throws work, why they work and what situation is best to apply them in.

Please take the time in the next few weeks to attend as many Judo practices as possible to most importantly improve on your standing grappling skills and to also help your fellow teammates prepare for their upcoming promotional tournament.