At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts  we love to focus on basic self defense training.  That is the core of what we teach however as our students learn to defend themselves they often get the urge to compete in different tournaments.  It might be Judo, Gracie Jiu Jitsu or submission grappling tournaments.

Today we will review a video we put up on youtube some time ago.  This video shows a technique series that starts with a take down and then transitioning into a very common position on the ground.  The first position on the ground is a very common situation that occurs frequently in tournaments. We then detail how to go from this common position that although is a dominant position it is much easier to escape from then the next position we will transition into.

The sequence is as follows:

1 Takedown, trip, counter or throw your opponent.

2 Establish side body, yoko shiho gatame, or any side hold

3 transition from this side hold down into the north south pin or kami shiho gatame

The video will go over some key details that will help make this transition very easy and it is something that if you know all three basic steps you can start to implement into your game plan right away.  Try to pay attention to shifting your weight properly and keeping your hips very low during the transition.  Also make sure you attempt to trap your opponents neck because there is a great submission called the north south choke that is very easy to get if you do this transition properly.

So take a minute.. or a minute and seven seconds to watch this video.  Try to get an understanding of what will be going on as you attempt this move.  And then next time you are at the academy drilling, sparring or doing randori give this sequence and try it out.  Once you learn to establish north south and once you start getting to that position more frequently you will realize how safe it is and then how easy it is to start setting up some great submissions from this position.

Here is the video:

As always if you have any questions please just ask one of your instructors to go over this sequence.


Thanks for watching!