160,000 kids miss school every day because they live in fear of being bullied. Whether physical or verbal abuse bullying causes depression and lowers self-esteem. At Scranton MMA we seek to Bullyshield your child by building their confidence through teaching them self-defense. Fathers of the Gracie Family have been bully proofing their kids with Gracie Jiu Jitsu for three generations. Our children’s program at Scranton MMA is based on the same principles employed by the Gracie family for over 70 years.

Our Bullyshield curriculum is a unique blend of both Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Our program introduces a child to the fundamental principles of self defense by playing many martial arts games. These games are not only fun but also reinforce the underlying principle of leverage that govern Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Judo. Beyond the games we also teach the children the “Rules of Engagement” so they know precisely when they can and can’t use the self defense techniques taught to them in the Bullyshield program.

When it comes to training children Scranton MMA are the experts! Each of our instructors lives by the golden rule: :expect nothing, praise everything.” When expectations are too high, kids will associate their training with inadequacy and develop negative feelings toward the program. Kids don’t want to learn they want to play! Nothing matters more than having your child start and end each lesson with a smile. Our instructors also focus on transfer teaching and seek to stimulate growth through positive reinforcement. We use the transfer teaching process to gradually introduce a child to each and every Bullyshield technique. Patience is the key to success in learning and our instructors at Scranton MMA are infinitely patient. Trust that in time the system will take its course and the child will learn true confidence and self defense.