The Scranton Mixed Martial Arts Boxing team had a great showing at the st pattys day brawl in Scranton on March 8th.

Stephon Burgette defeated Tommy Ayers by way of a third round Technical Knock out.  Burgette knew he was going to have a difficult fight again a much taller fighter.  Burgette was able to get inside of the much taller ayers reach and deliver some great body shots which set up some great shots to the head. Burgette has been training incredibly hard and this is a very well deserved win for him.  Please when you see him in the gym congratulate him on his TKO!

Daekwon Buckly won a heavyweight fight in his boxing debut. Buckly has also been training very hard for this fight and his hard work paid off big for him as well.  Buckley was also able to use body shots to score a technical knockout. Buckley ended his fight in the second round after delivering some very powerful shots that dropped his opponent and forced the referee to stop the fight.  Again when you see Daekwon make sure you congratulate him on his great victory!

The Scranton MMMA boxing team was supposed to have 2 other fighters on the card but their opponents did not make weight. Although they did not get to fight on this card their hard training will definitely pay off when they get in the ring for their next fight.

We want to thank Chris Mills our head boxing coach for all his great work and the extra hours he has put in with the fighters recently.
Full results can be found here:

If you have ever thought about learning how to box there has never been a better time. Scranton MMA has a great beginners boxing program that anyone can join and learn the wonderful art of boxing. Please contact us today to find out how easy it is to get started.