Scranton Mixed Martial Arts is proud to announce a brand new beginners only self defense program. This program is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the skills and techniques necessary to properly defend themselves in a self defense situation. The course is based on the teachings of the Gracie Family and is designed to properly prepare ANYONE for a self defense situation. The Gracie family has been teaching the worlds most effective form of Self defense for years and has proved the effectiveness of this course time and time again in real life situations and now you can learn the very same techniques right in NEPA. This course will be taught by the very best self defense instructors in the area.

Some of the topics and techniques you will learn are:
1. Standing up
2. Blocking and avoiding punches
3. Escaping from an attacker on top of you
4. Proper Falling Technique
5. Escaping a Headlock
6. How To Safely Close The Distance
7. How To Maintain A Dominant Position
8. How To Take An Assailant Down To The Ground
9. Bear Hug Escape
10. Escape and Defend Chokes
11. How To Break Someone’s Arm
12. How To Choke Someone Unconscious
13. Proper Way To Throw Elbows
14. Going From Being Underneath an attacker to on top
….. And much much more.

The course will be broken up into 12 different lessons. One lesson per week which will allow you to pick up all of the lessons and techniques quickly and easily. We have plenty of time to review all of the course material. We plan in time for questions and answers. You will get to work with the areas best self defense instructors. You will be learning side by side with other beginners who are interested in learning and EFFECTIVE form of self defense in a clean fun and friendly environment. You will be learning these techniques in the areas best facility on a 4,000 square foot sprung floor. The training surface is second to none in the area and one of the best in the nation. This makes learning the techniques easier and most important safer than any other school in NEPA.  If you have any questions please just fill out the form below and one of our instructors will get back to you and  answer any questions you have.