Recently in our Beginners BJJ class we have gone over a pretty basic armbar. When we have taught and reviewed the armbar we have been practicing it from a dominant position while on top of our attacker. One great thing about BJJ is that very often the same move can be done from different positions or situations. In this case the armbar we have gone over from the top position of mount can also be done when you have someone in your guard. So even when you are on your back you can do the same armbar.

Now BJJ has a ton of attacks and options when you are on your back and you have someone in guard but this basic armbar from guard is an essential move you have to work on.  It is great for a lot of reasons one of which is that it can end the fight quickly.  Also this move teaches some great concepts and principles that will consistently come up over and over as you progress in BJJ. One of those principles is to get onto your hip or side. Another one is that when you want to submit someone you attack one of their body parts with multiple body parts of your own in order to be stronger than your opponent regardless of size.

This armbar is great to practice because it also leads to a lot of other options if your opponent is able to defend this attack. From the armbar you can transition to the triangle and you also have the option to transition to the omoplata.  Both of those attacks are fundamental attacks from guard.  Another option from this armbar is to simple sweep your opponent over so you can get top position.


Here is a video of the basic armbar from guard.


Take a look and let us know what you think.  Give this move a shot next time you have someone in guard.  Try to focus on the basic principles and movements that make up this move.


Hope you like it!