At Scranton Mixed Martial Arts we teach our kids the most realistic and effective forms of Bully education and Training. Our kids are taught both verbal and physical means of dealing with bullying. All in a manner that does not force our kids to overpower, punch or kick the bully.

Many schools can teach kids to fight or to hurt other kids. Many schools will claim to train your child to become a warrior. At Scranton Mixed Martial arts our goal is different – our goal is to help and guide your child to become a productive member of society who has no fear of becoming a victim of bullying.

The Bullyshield program at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts consistently have their students practice the 3 T’s Drill. The 3 T’s are Talk, Tell, Tackle. We set up a drill where the instructors play the role of the bully and guide the student through a mock bullying situation. First the students attempt to TALK to the bully. Telling the bully that they do not like what the bully is doing and that they will not allow it to happen to them. If Talking does not work they are then instructed to try to TELL an adult about the bullying. If all else fails they TACKLE the bully to the ground, gain a position from which they can control the bully, and from there negotiate a surrender.

This teaches and trains our students how to realistically deal with a bully in a manner that does not rely on them hurting the bully or punching or kicking a bully. It is also the most effective way for them to learn how to use and not abuse the skills they gain in our Judo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu programs. Our goal is to bully proof our students rather than just give them the skills to beat up or hurt a bully.

If you have any questions about our Kids BullyShield Program, would like to watch a class or have your child take 1 week of free classes then please email us at ScrantonMMA@Gmail.Com

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