Scranton Mixed Martial Arts recently had the honor and privilege to host a seminar with “The Godfather of Mixed Martial arts”, Royce Gracie. During the planning stages of the event, Royce was asked when he would like to schedule a session to instruct our kids to which he replied “I know your kids, I’ve seen your kids, they can jump right into the beginner session”

This is obviously a huge compliment, not just to our instructors, but more importantly, to our kids. The work that our kids put in during both the Bullyshield jiu-jitsu and judo programs is nothing short of impressive.  It is one thing for our instructors to teach the kids how to be successful in a self defense or competitive situation but it is a far other thing for those kids to have the WANT to be successful in those situations, and our kids have that in droves.

In addition to  seeing our kids benefit from all their hard work in practice in a competitive environment, perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being an instructor is to see how these boys and girls grow as people every day.  Whether it be the older kids helping the younger kids to tie their belts, or cheering on a student who might be struggling through the warm-ups, our students really work hard to  build a team atmosphere and form friendships that they will have for the rest of their lives.

If you are a parent in the Scranton area looking to get your son or daughter involved in the martial arts, stop in and be a part of the “Gracie approved” Scranton MMA kids program today