If you did not watch our latest video on how to quickly win a match in Judo or BJJ please take a min, actually 3, to watch it.  We wanted to discuss in a bit more detail what is going on, why and what it really means.  So please take a quick look and then read the rest of the article below:




Ok the video above shows one example of how to win a match very quickly or in bjj how to basically start the match in a dominate position. In this example we just wait for the opponent to grip us with one hand and as soon as he starts his grip we attack into that arm. This allows us to rotate freely and generate a lot of power for the takedown.

I also show a strategy where we can grip two on one and attack before they grip us. Again this allows us rotate freely so our takedown will have a lot of power behind it.

This is a quick video showing two different takedowns from Judo Seonage and Kouchi Gari. Both look simple and can be learned very quickly but can also be practiced for a lifetime and continue to improve for years and years.

The strategy we are talking about in this video requires you to take the fight to your opponent and dictate the action and reactions that will happen. You want to be in the driver’s seat in competition not reacting and defending what your opponent is doing to you. Even if you specialize in counters you still want to dictate the pace and determine what will happen next. If you are able to dictate the pace of the match and control what is happening it is much easier to win the match.

Many new competitors go out into a match with a ‘wait and see’ attitude or strategy. I would suggest the exact opposite. Have a plan and try to implement your plan. You need to have plans for as many situations as possible. So in this video we show our plan if our opponent reaches with his right hand onto our left shoulder. This is an ideal situation for any righty. It also might not happen to you every match so you need a plan for all the other initial gripping sequences.. and don’t worry we will get you videos on all the gripping sequences in the near future.

Hope you like the video. If you have any questions please let us know.