There are many benefits of studying martial arts in Scranton Pa.  The first and most obvious is learning a great self defense system.  At Scranton MMA we know how to teach absolute beginners the skills they need to defend themselves.  You will learn proven methods and techniques that work and are easy to use.  You do not have to be a great athlete or a super strong to learn these techniques.

Another great benefit of learning martial arts is the improvement in your self confidence and self esteem.  This is a result of learning self defense as well as a result of the continual improvement you will see in your technique and the efficiency in which you are able to utilize them.  By constantly learning new techniques and always improving on the basics you will always feel great about the time you are investing into your training and by seeing the results and the improvements you will feel great about yourself.  This will carry over into all areas of your life.


Studying Martial arts is also a great stress reliever.  If you had a tough day in the office or have been working long hours on a project you can be assured that you will get to blow off some steam in a very safe and friendly environment.  This is how you want to release all that negative energy.  Training in the martial arts is actually a very healthy and fun way to drain all that energy so you can relax when you are done training and sleep with your mind at ease at the end of the night.


Improving your overall health and wellness is another great benefit of practicing martial arts.  Are you not a fan of crowded gyms or aerobic tapes?  Do you hate to jog on the treadmill?  Martial art training is a great workout and it is a lot of fun.  It is definitely not boring!  You will have a great time and get a great workout in.  All of our classes allow you to improve your cardiovascular health as well as making you stronger and more flexible.


These are just a few of the great benefits of studying martial arts at Scranton MMA.  There are many more benefits you will come to realize once you get started.  You will become a member of a great team with a ton of support to help you grow and learn these skills.  You will meet a lot of great students like yourself some will be very advanced and will help guide you along the way and some will only have a few weeks or months training and they can share with you their stories of how they got started and the improvements they have made.

Scranton MMA is the premier center for martial arts training in Scranton PA!  We have the largest facility.  We have the most instructors and the most classes offered.  We are easy to get to from Rt 81, Rt 84, I380 and Rt 6.  We have a large parking lot, locker rooms and showers.  We also have a CrossFit Facility, Keystone CrossFit, right on site.  We offer everything you need all under one roof.


Call or stop by for a tour and a free workout on us!