Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Scranton Mixed Martial Arts is something we take very serious.  We have a lot of students who are interested in learning the most effective way to defend themselves in a self defense situation on the street and we have some very dedicated BJJ competitors.  Even though there are some huge differences in how these two groups of people train there are also some training strategies that both groups can utilize to improve.

BJJ Training Tip #1 From Scranton MMA

The first BJJ tip or training strategy that I want to talk about today is the importance of drilling or sparring from a bad position.  Be warned this might not be as fun as repping out chokes or armbars.  It may get you very frustrated, tired and sore but trust me the payoff is huge.  I want everyone to realize just how important it is to practice and drill from a bad position.  I also want to share some easy ways to get this into your training and some specifics on how to make the most of this style of training.

Some easy ways to train from a bad position in brazilian jiu jitsu is to just put yourself in a bad position on purpose when you roll or spar.  Let your partner pass your guard.  Let your partner take mount or knee on belly.  Let them get there so you have more time to practice from this position.  Work your escape or transition and if necessary tap if you get caught in a submission.  If you escape the bad position just allow your partner to pass again or mount again or whatever situation you were working on.

Another easy way to get some time in practicing from a bad position is to get to class early if you can.  It is very common to see some of our instructors and most dedicated students training before class.  Take advantage of this opportunity and get some time to drill with them.  Either ask them to drill from the position or situation you want to work on or spar and just get into those bad positions.

Please take some time over the next month and focus on getting more mat time in and making sure you are working from bad positions.  It is very important that you have a game plan from these situations and that you work on improving how to get out of them.  If you start to put your time in now you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve this aspect of your game.  Now I am not saying to spend all your time working from bad positions but I am asking that you spend some more time focusing on these situations and positions.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask one of your Brazilian jiu jitsu instructors at Scranton MMA.  I know they will be able to help you out with any questions you have.