In the immortal words of The UFC’s Mike Goldberg….”The Legend Has RETURNED”…. Thursday November 21st 2013 “The Godfather of MMA” Royce Gracie makes his way back to where it all started in Northeast PA, his first and ONLY affiliate in the electric city, Scranton MMA! Come take part in this amazing opportunity to learn authentic Gracie Jiu-jitsu directly from the source and share the mats with one of the true pioneers of MMA!

The one and only Royce Gracie will be making a trip up to Scranton Pennsylvania to conduct a Gracie Jiu Jitsu seminar on November 21st at 6pm. He will be conducting a two hour seminar and the cost will only be $60.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Royce Gracie well he is the one who started it all! He was the first champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. His family started the UFC 20 years ago and they picked Royce to represent the family. Royce went on to with the UFC that night and change Martial arts history and training forever.

Considered by many to the most influential martial artist in history! Royce changed everything. Before Royce Gracie and the Ultimate fighting championship everyone thought that Karate and style like Tae Kwon Do were the ultimate solution to a self defense situation. Before that night very few people utilized grappling or ground fighting for self defense or fighting. The Gracie family took a unique approach to self defense and fighting and instead of focusing on striking they started to rely on grappling and submissions.

For anyone who has not been to a Royce Gracie seminar you are missing out on a great experience. If you train or study any type of grappling art you should attend. If you are a fan of MMA you should attend. If you are interested in learning self defense you should DEFINITELY attend. It really doesnt matter if you have been training for years or if you have never taken a class. Going to a Royce Gracie Seminar is a life changing event and it is something you will never forget.

If you are interested in attending the event or if you have any questions please call 570-851-2987 or Email us at ScrantonMMA@Gmail.Com

All of the staff and instructors are extremely excited about having Royce return to Scranton MMA and we hope you can join us Thursday November 21st in this great event. We look forward to seeing you there!