Scranton MMA membership has it’s perks! The Royce Gracie brazilian jiu jitsu seminar on August 11,2011 looms and here is your chance as a member of Scranton MMA to get in for FREE! Any member that brings 5 or more non members to the Royce BJJ Seminar get in for free!

What are some ways you can get 5 friends to attend?

We all have friends that train at other academies within driving distance of Scranton MMA, right? So simply reach out to them and make them aware of the event! Recall how many times you’ve said to a friend “man, training with Royce was awesome!’ and they replied “what?! I’d love to train with Royce!” Well, now is their chance!

What about all your friends that have expressed how they would love to try “that stuff” out?! Now is a perfect opportunity. Imagine how they will feel getting their very first lesson in bjj from THE UFC Legend Royce Gracie! It will be an experience they never forget and will always be thankful to you for suggesting it. They will owe you one!

Now you have the plan so get to it! Post the event flyer to your Facebook page and tag your friends, send an e-mail or text to all your friends that train, give them a call or send them a smoke signal then personally bring them by the academy to pre-register for the event and get yourself one step closer to that free bjj seminar! Best part about it is you will also be working towards that student rewards program, just imagine if all five friends then sign up for a Scranton MMA membership! That nets you $50 per membership in your pocket! Who can’t use $250