Beginning in September the curriculum at Scranton MMA is expanding! Due to the wild success of our BullyShield program we will be adding a brand new class tailor made for younger children. Welcome to Junior Samurais, the Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defense program for ages 4 to 6! This new program will consist of martial arts games and activities designed to engage the interest of the younger crowd all the while “tricking” them into learning martial arts and exercising!

The new class will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm and is a one hour class. Parents are welcome to watch from our viewing gallery or participate in the 4pm women only self defense class, Untouchable! that is held just across the mats from where your child will be training! For more information on our Untouchable! program click here. Family discount packages are available and registration for both events is now open! Call the academy at 570-851-2987 or email us at!