Exercising, weight loss, and being fit have never been more widely encouraged. With so many healthy exercise choices out there which do you choose? A solid choice to consider… Muay Thai Kick Boxing! Muay Thai Kick Boxing is a worthy endeavor for anyone who is interested in a cardiovascular workout that is fun and challenging. The days of aerobics, weight lifting, and running being the main exercise options, particularly for women, are over! Muay Thai Kick Boxing is available at Scranton MMA and members include men, women, teenagers and even pre-teens! Check out just some of the fitness benefits of Muay Thai Kick Boxing .

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Is A Full Body Workout

Muay Thai Kick Boxing is one of the true all-around workouts available! It strengthens and tones every muscle group in the body. Muay Thai Kick Boxing works the core muscles of the body building balance and strength, the legs gain power from stances and movement, the arms tone through punching, and the back, shoulder and all-important “glutes” develop through continuous skipping, slipping, and dodging movements that are essential in boxing.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Switches-Up the Workout

Fitness experts agree that repetitive workouts and continuous repetitive movements are not the path to peak fitness. A constant up and down tempo shift of cardio and strength training coupled with sudden burst training is proving more effective. Muay Thai Kick Boxing incorporates this constant “muscle confusion” workout, from isolated stance work to heavy bag work, from jumping rope to focus pad work, and then to one on one sparring sessions with constant movement and flow. An hour of Muay Thai Kick Boxing can produce a larger calorie burn than a continuous one hour jog.

Muay Thai Kick Boxing Translates To Weight Loss

Muay Thai Kick Boxing knocks out obesity! Experts agree that at least 30 minutes per day of regular exercise is enough to keep a minimum level of fitness. However just how those 30 minutes are spent is extremely important. An activity that is ineffective, boring, or both will not yield results. On the other hand a sport that can be enjoyed and provides a total body workout is going to get results!

Muay Thai Kick Boxing At Scranton MMA Is Fun

One of the biggest obstacles to fitness is that it is perceived to be a “have to” activity rather than a “want to” endeavor. Muay Thai Kick Boxing is fun! From solo drills on the bags to working with a partner or with a group boxing keeps you engaged. The elements of competition and self-defense make it exciting and the freedom of movement means it can be as aggressive and energetic as you determine fit your goals!