Today we present a product review on a great book entitled Attacking Judo authored by Katsuhi Kashiwazaki and Hidetoshi Nakanishi.  Kashiwazaki and Nakanishi are two of the most famous Judo teachers in Japan, both former world champions.

Unlike most Judo or martial arts books that focus on detailed technical instruction, Attacking Judoteaches the art of combinations and counters.  This book does a great job of teaching beginner through advanced Judoka the theory behind many common combination and counter sequences you will find occurring during Judo randori or competition.  It is also a great way to understand and develop your own combinations into and out of your favorite techniques.  This book is a godsend to beginners looking for a way to string together attacks that make sense or that will lead to a big throw.  Advanced Judo students will love how the author gives them a great reference point as new techniques start to present themselves in training.

This book assumes that you are currently training Judo and have some of the basics down including knowing most of the basic throws, ukemi or falling and that you have a safe place to train and practice your Judo. The book is well written and illustrated.  The illustrations make the concepts very easy to grasp and understand.  It is well organized which makes the book easy to digest and you can start to implement some of the strategies presented right away.  The book details the importance of proper movement and correct body placement in order to properly execute the techniques

Overall we at Scranton MMA rate this book a 9/10.  You simply will not find a better manual that will walk you through the concepts and principles behind effective combinations and counters.  The book is also very easy to read and refer back to when you want to start working on or adding a new throw to your game. See you on the mat!