Beginners Six Month and Under

~Monday through Thursday at 6pm, Monday and Friday at 10am

In a street fight it is the most likely scenario that your opponent will know
nothing about jiu-jitsu. As a result, they will not know how to use the closed guard to stop punches or intiate sweeps or submissions. However in the rare instance that an opponent does close guard during a street fight you nedd a technique to deal with it. This is where the double underhook guard pass enters the fight!

Intermediate Six Months to One Year

~ Monday Through Thursday 6pm

The higher ranks torture and confound you with the Butterfly Guard, now it’s time to learn the counters and passes to this open guard. This week you will learn how to establish base and maintain control over your opponent’s hips in order to help your pass game.

Advanced One Year Plus

~ Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am

The X-guard was developed and mastered by Marcelo Garcia. A very popular sport guard the X can be used to de-weight and sweep much larger opponents. There are many ways to enter the X-guard but we will focus on entry from butterfly guard. Once established we will learn how to execute two hook sweep variations. An important note regarding this week, X guard techniques are NOT “street fight recommended” and could get you knocked out in a real fight!

See you on the mats! ~ Jeff