Beginners Six Month and Under

~Monday through Thursday at 6pm, Monday and Friday at 10am

Often times an aggressor is so eager to attack you that their punch is totally predictable. The haymaker punch is used when a determined attacker comes at you from a distance with the objective of putting all of their body weight behind one killer knockout punch. Because of the haymaker punch’s predictability the defense is simple and effective!

Intermediate Six Months to One Year

~ Monday Through Thursday 6pm

In the Foundations program you learned the highest percentage takedowns for use in a street fight. If your opponent has any wrestling experience or they are anticipating your takedown attempt it will be more difficult to get the fight to the ground. This week you will learn a chain of takedowns you can use when the basic strategies don’t work.

Advanced One Year Plus

~ Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am

Over the past several weeks we have taken the back from a variety of setups and sweeps. This week we will focus on combination attacks that will leave an opponent bewildered as to which attack they can defend. As always, by starting with a strong choke attack your opponent has no choice but to respect the neck, and when they do, they will be leaving you the perfect armlock opportunity.

See you on the mats! ~ Jeff