Beginners Six Month and Under

~Monday through Thursday at 6pm, Monday and Friday at 10am

In the Foundations class this week we will be working from crossbody. Against a larger opponent there is a very good chance that you will find yourself on the bottom of the fight. If this happens the safest thing to do is to get your opponent inside of your guard and from there you can neutralize punches and win the fight. If your opponent is able to pass your guard you will need to use the Shrimp Escape to put them back in the guard where they belong. This week you will learn three variations of the Shrimp Escape as well as how to stay safe from punches while trapped on bottom!

Intermediate Six Months to One Year

~ Monday Through Thursday 6pm

The simplest and most reliable side mount escape is the Shrimp Escape. Sometimes, however, a stronger opponent will control your hips so tightly that the technique will not work. When this happens we can put into play the High-low guard escape since it utilizes a completely different angle of escape.

Advanced One Year Plus

~ Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am

From the side mount, there are dozens of creative chokes that utilize the gi ~ as you know since I have choked you all with so many of them! This week I will teach you my top three. We’ll start with the simple variations of each choke then teach you what to do when your opponent neutralizes those chokes. By week’s end we will combine them in an attack sequence to create a dynamic threat that will challenge opponents of all skill levels.

See you on the mats! ~ Jeff