Beginners Six Month and Under

~Monday through Thursday at 6pm, Monday and Friday at 10am

Upon establishing a clinch on the opponent, it is highly likely they will become desperate and lock you in a headlock. Without the proper escape, the standing headlock can be a very painful and demoralizing place to find yourself, however with the right techniques you can turn their hold to your gain!

Intermediate Six Months to One Year

~ Monday Through Thursday 6pm

 Guard submissions in our beginner program take advantage of the most likely behaviors of an unskilled opponent. A skilled grappler is less likely to create submission opportunities for you. Therefore you must learn how to create them for yourself. This week we will learn how to create, control, and finish the armlock from the guard against a skilled opponent as well as how to “jump” to a triangle when your opponent tries to stack the armlock.

Advanced One Year Plus

~ Monday and Wednesday at 7pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am

One of the primary benefits of utilizing the half guard is the constant threat you can pose to your opponent’s back! This week we will learn the important roles that underhooks and correct body angle play in taking the back, as well as cover the three most effective take the back strategies!

See you on the mats! ~ Jeff